A biography of elijah muhammad a religious leader of georgia

Chicago, Illinois African American religious leader Elijah Muhammad was the leader of the Nation of Islam "Black Muslims" during their period of greatest growth in the mid-twentieth century. He was a major promoter of independent, black-operated businesses, institutions, and religion. One of thirteen children, his schooling only lasted until he was nine; then Elijah had to work in the fields and on the railroad. His light skin color made him even more aware of the injustices unfair treatments that had been done to his ancestors.

A biography of elijah muhammad a religious leader of georgia

Libra Elijah Muhammad was born on October 7th, in He is a notable black religious figure. His place of birth was in Sandersville in Georgia. He was the seventh born child to William Poole Sr.

His father was a religious leader. Growing up, Elijah did not get an adequate education for it ended when he was only in his third grade. After that, he went on to work in brickyards and sawmills. He was from a low-income family and therefore he was obliged to join his family in sharecropping.

Elijah later left his home place to go and work in factories. Fard while he listened to his Islamic preaching and the empowerment speeches that he has to the black community. It did not take time before he fully converted and became a Muslim. Fard, bestowed him with the name Muhammad.

Following the disappearance of Fard inNOI became segregated forming different groups with different leaders. Muhammad was one of the leaders of his group.

He successfully guided his group to move to Chicago. It is from this location that he became a massive influence to NOI that he was leading. Later, he was released on bail. However, he was quickly arrested again this time he was imprisoned for four years at the Federal Correctional Institution situated in Michigan.

Often, he would send messages to the group using letters. Upon his release from prison inElijah Muhammad took over again as the leader of the Nation of Islam.

The group gained more followers due to his renewed efforts in getting more members to join. Bythe group had about fifteen temples and by NOI had about 50 temples across 22 states.

Together, the two welcomed eight children in their marriage. Death Elijah Muhammad breathed last on February 25th, in following congestive heart failure.

He left behind a considerable trail of followers with aboutpeople being members of NOI. One of his sons named Warith Deen Mohammed succeeded him as the leader of the group.Famous Black Americans African Americans have played a vital role in the history and culture of their country since its founding.

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A biography of elijah muhammad a religious leader of georgia

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