A biography of jesse woodson james

I think Andrei did an excellent job, and once you read it I'm sure you will agree. The name is so famous, it has become a part of our language. Movies have been made about him, books have been written about him, he is in TV advertisements, used to describe types of men, and all sorts of things.

A biography of jesse woodson james

Jesse and his older brother Franklin lost their father inwhen the Reverend Robert James abandoned his young family and disappeared forever into the California gold fields. Their mother, Zerelda, quickly remarried, but rumor had it that their new stepfather treated Jesse and Frank poorly, and a third husband soon followed.

A biography of jesse woodson james

Perhaps it was a violent and unstable family life that led the young Jesse and Frank into lives of crime. Regardless, it is certain that the brothers first learned to kill during the Civil War. Visit Website When the war ended, neither man felt any enthusiasm for the drab life of a Missouri farmer-earning a living with their guns seemed easier and more exciting.

Joining a motley band of ex-soldiers and common thieves, Jesse and Frank staged the first daylight bank robbery in U. For the next decade the James Gang would steal many thousands more from banks, stores, stagecoaches, and trains.

The boldness of their crimes and the growing resentment among westerners of big railroads and robber barons led some to romanticize Jesse and Frank, a process that was encouraged by the authors of popular dime novels who created largely fictional versions of the James brothers as modern-day Robin Hoods who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

A biography of jesse woodson james

The Robin Hood myth conveniently ignores the little girl shot in the leg during a botched robbery at the Kansas City Fair, the train engineer killed when the James Gang derailed his locomotive, or the dozens of other innocent bystanders murdered or maimed by Jesse, Frank, or their gang.

Nonetheless, the myth that Jesse James was a good-hearted hero of the common folk remains popular to this day. Robert Ford shot James in the back of the head— killing him on April 3, Jesse James was born on September 5, in Clay County, Missouri, USA as Jesse Woodson James.

He was married to Zerelda Mimms. He died on April 3, in St.

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Joseph, Missouri. Jesse James and Frank James, in full, respectively, Jesse Woodson James and Alexander Franklin James, (respectively, born September 5, , near Centerville [now Kearney], Missouri, U.S.—died April 3, , St.

Joseph, Missouri; born January 10, , near Centerville—died February 18, , near Kearney), two brothers who were among the most notorious outlaws of the American West. Jesse Woodson James was a famous, legendary bank robber, train robber and a gang leader from the 19th century America.

He was born in Missouri in a prosperous family and had a happy childhood with his brother Frank until his father left them heartoftexashop.com Of Birth: Kearney.

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Seen by some as a vicious murderer and by others as a gallant Robin Hood, the famous outlaw Jesse Woodson James is born on this day in , in Clay County, Missouri. The James brothers made a name for themselves as bank and train robbers, directing the James-Younger gang.

American outlaw, robber and celebrated figure Jesse Woodson James was born on September 5, , in Kearney, Missouri. Jun 11,  · Jesse Woodson James (September 5, – April 3, ) was an American outlaw, gang leader, bank robber, train robber, and murderer from .

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