Avs 112 notes

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Avs 112 notes

Tokarev gave up his previous experiments with recoil-operated self-loading rifles and pursued a gas-operating mechanism instead. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin had a great interest in semi-automatic infantry rifles, and the army held trials of automatic rifle designs in The winning rifle was designed by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonovand was accepted into service the next year as the AVS However, problems with the AVS quickly became apparent, and both Tokarev and Simonov submitted improved designs to further trials.

Ambitious production plans anticipated two million rifles Avs 112 notes year by Production began at Tula Arsenal in July production at Izhmash began in late Soviet small arms were usually of simple and robust construction, designed for use by poorly educated and sometimes poorly equipped soldiers.

The SVT, in contrast, had been designed with weight-saving in mind, including its wood stock, receiver, and action. It was a gas-operated action with a gas-cylinder cup that was not readily accessible. It was complex by Soviet standards, and was not suited to handle corrosively-primed ammunition without frequent cleaning.

Avs 112 notes

The receiver was open-top, which enabled reloading of the magazine using five-round Mosin—Nagant stripper clips. Fairly advanced features for the time were the adjustable gas system, muzzle brakeand telescopic sight rails milled into the receiver. The sniper variant had an additional locking notch for a see-through scope mount and was equipped with a 3.

The initial reaction of the troops to this new rifle was negative. Among the issues were that the rifle was too long and cumbersome, difficult to maintain, and the magazine had a tendency to fall out. Production of the SVT was terminated in April after someexamples had been manufactured.

Subsequently, an improved design, designated the SVT, entered production. It was a more refined, lighter design incorporating a modified, folding, magazine release.

The handguard was now of one-piece construction and the cleaning rod was housed under the barrel. Other changes were made in an effort to simplify manufacturing. Production of this improved rifle began in July at Tula, and later at factories in Izhevsk and Podolsk.

Since these factories already had experience manufacturing the SVT, production geared up quickly and an estimated 70, SVTs were produced in The first months of the war were disastrous for the Soviet Union; they lost hundreds of thousands of SVTs. To make up for this, production of the Mosin—Nagant rifles was reintroduced.

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In contrast, the SVT was more difficult to manufacture, and troops with only rudimentary training had difficulty maintaining it. In addition, submachine guns like the PPSh had proven their value as simple, cheap, and effective weapons to supplement infantry firepower.

This led to a gradual decline in SVT production. OnlySVTs were manufactured inand production continued to diminish until the order to cease production was finally given in January The army reported that the rifles were of "flimsy construction and there were difficulties experienced in their repair and maintenance".Note to Readers.

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Avs 112 notes

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