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Ruby herself was situated in the middle, or that was to say, between Yang and Weiss who sat on opposite sides of the table, thus cutting off any escape routes, a fact that was not lost on her but one Zwei seemed cheerfully unconcerned by as he lay half on the seat and half on her lap panting and looking terribly relaxed compared to the rest of the bar.

Their booth was well away from the cranky people though, and at least allowed for something resembling privacy which was Of course now that Ruby had connected these men to the one's she'd fought at the Dust Shop Ruby found herself casting uncertain glances at Yang who listened intently to Weiss's story.

Does she now they're crooks? No, I mean come on, lots of criminals wear suits right? But then they were angry with me and kind of did what Yang told them and, no way, no way I am not accepting that my sisters some criminal!

Ruby felt a pressure running across her ribs and sucked in a deep breath, trying to order her thoughts. Focus regained Ruby reached her conclusion, 'Uncle Qrow even said lots of Hunters cultivate connections on the bad side of the street so this makes sense right?

No matter what she's still Yang,' Ruby decided. Her chest and stomach unclenched at that thought as she sighed and leaned back in her chair, tuning back into Weiss's explanation.

Ruby said this would be a good place to avoid those low rent flunkies and that you might be willing to offer some assistance," Weiss said. Ruby couldn't really read the other girls tone, it was curt, but it wasn't sad or even entirely angry either.

Maybe it was a little annoyed or had some high class pomp to it but that only confused her more. Weiss and Ruby had only been given none alcoholic options which seemed to both please and offend Weiss at the time who just went with water that she was still refusing to touch, while Ruby had a half drunk glass of milk sitting before her.

Yang returned the empty glass to the table with a clink and sighed. If nothing else the goon patrol out there," Yang said gesturing to the guards scattered about, "will keep away anyone in uniform or give us plenty of warning.

I mean, I can give you a place to stay, try to help you find work if you're interested, but beyond that Weiss waved one delicate hand in a shushing motion and said, "Its fine Ruby you've already helped me enough for one day. Besides, I can always try calling my sister, Winter might be able to help.

Weiss perked up immediately and in a high tinkling voice the girl said, "She's an Atlas Specialist, Winter actually works right under General Ironwood himself! Though she almost seemed to falter on her words and Ruby could guess why, she and her sister had been present for more than a few of Uncle Qrow's diatribes against Atlas's military.

Weiss seemed to detect the awkward phrasing, folding her arms the girl arched one sharp eyebrow and asked, "And what exactly have you heard?

Both older girls glanced at her and seemed to repress a chuckle before Weiss nodded and said, "That's a very apt summary Ruby. Then she froze up, eyes widening as she gurgled, "Urk! Shooting back and looking at the blonde like it was the first time Weiss had seen her the girl finally said, "Yes Ruby's eyes drifted from one girl to the other in the glum silence, quietly she said, "Yang, can't we help?

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Well I could," She amended awkwardly, opening her eyes and glancing at the two girls, "but I wouldn't win Weiss threw back her drink gulped it down in one swig and slammed the glass on the table, somehow still looking dignified while doing so, and said, "Life rarely is, but its fine, I appreciate your offers, I do, but losing the chance to go to Beacon isn't the end of everything for me.

Ruby also noticed Yang's stare moving to her as the older girls lips formed into a hard line. However just as Yang's mouth opened her Scroll beeped and her sister quickly began scanning through whatever message had been sent. Junior yelled from his bar, "That's everything I have on where Belladonna might be hiding!

As in Blake Belladona!? Ruby's eyes widened as she recalled the girl from the Police Stations Wanted Poster.

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Yang however barely reacted, muttering a simple, "Yeah," as she scanned her Scroll and chewed her lip, then she slammed her fist on the table. But I expect a five percent finders fee! Weiss and Ruby glanced at one another and Ruby grinned and said, "Wanna catch a crook?

Now we'll never catch her! As it turned out Tukson's Book Trade was the man's best guess and luckily it wasn't very far for a girl with Ruby's speed and Weiss's ability to leap over buildings in a single Glpyh enhanced bound.

Lines of book shelves and crates surrounded the two conspiring Faunus who stood just outside the aisles with one large brown travelling bags between them, while Blake's own sat on her back.

Blake's wore her recently purchased black coat and and white scarf and was eyeing the rest of her disguise that sat on a crate to her side as Tukson methodically went through his bags again. Rolling her eyes Blake drawled, "You smuggle me on-board a vessel either in disguise or in a crate and I keep you safe from any White Fang we might run across on our trip and once we arrive in Vacuo.On-Road: Based on internal wear tests vs.

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B f goodwithc

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