Business and retail operations in the travel industry essay

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Business and retail operations in the travel industry essay

The most important functions of a travel agency are described below: A retail travel agency provides necessary travel information to the general public.

The intending tourists come to the office of the travel agent and seek information regarding their proposed visit. The travel agent should be a very knowledgeable man and should supply up to date and concrete information relating to travel.

He must have great communication skill and he should be thorough in the art of catching the potential customers. The knowledge of foreign language is a desirable qualification for those working in a travel agency.

A tourist journey involves preparation of different types of itineraries. There are different means of transport with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

A travel agent advises the potential tourist to choose the most convenient course. Liaison with Providers of Service: A travel agent should maintain constant contact with the providers of various services like the transport companies, hotel managers and providers of surface transport like motor cars from airport to hotel and for sightseeing etc.

Planning and Costing Tours: The contracts and arrangements having been entered into, there comes the task of planning and costing tours, both for inclusive programmes and to meet individual requirements. This job is intensely interesting and at the same time challenging. This job calls for a great deal of initiative and drive.

The job calls for travel to those places which are to be included in the itineraries. This is essentially a job for a meticulously minded person and calls for considerable training and ability. Many agencies with the cooperation of airlines and other transportation companies take the opportunity of arranging educational tours for such staff to countries with which they deal.

Business and retail operations in the travel industry essay

Many agencies have people who are authorities on particular countries and, in addition to a general programme, many will issue separate programmes dealing with territories. Separate programmes dealing with holiday offers based on specific forms of transportation, e.

Programmes also have to be issued to cover different seasons of the year.

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Publicity is an important part of the programme. Having spent considerable time and money on preparing all that goes into the issue of a programme, publicity must feature considerably in the activities of a travel agency and more so if the agency happens to be a large one.

The majority of large travel agencies have their own publicity departments under the management of a publicity expert. Selling tickets to tourists for different modes of transport like air, rail and sea is a very important function of a travel agent.

Business and retail operations in the travel industry essay

Ticketing is not an easy job as the range of international air fares is very complex. Computerised Reservation System CRS has revolutionised the reservation system both for air and train tickets and also a room in a hotel.Every time you enter a retail store, your shopping experience has been extensively planned, from the items you see for sale to the layout and design of the store.

Many times these decisions are made by someone working in retail operations, or the area of retail concerned with the day-to-day. The field of retail operations concerns the work that individuals do to keep a retail store functioning. This includes both retail salespeople and managers in all types of retail stores, including small stores with only a handful of workers and large chain stores with hundreds of employees.

UNIT 1 The travel and tourism industry Introduction T he travel and tourism industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the UK.

This unit will give you an introduction to the industry, providing a sound basis for further study.

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