Cm107 unit 8 summary notes seminar

Writing for Personal Reasons Hello all and welcome to unit 3! Congratulations on submitting your first assignment of the term. You practiced summarizing sources and thinking about new ways to address a topic. Well done!

Cm107 unit 8 summary notes seminar

Employees would get up, get ready, sit in traffic, go into work, punch in, and sit in their cubicle or office until the day ended and went home to get ready to start the process all over again.

Cm107 unit 8 summary notes seminar

Now, things are starting to change the offices that we have been accustomed to. As technology grows and expands so does the environment in which we use it. In regards to technology and the office, the two have begun to merge to one. Companies, the existing and the future, are choosing a virtual based type of business.

Most, if not all, of the company is controlled and operated through technology and the internet. Converting over has become the popular and innovative thing for business owners to do.

Virtual based companies have become more popular and show significant benefits that most find incomparable. Virtual companies reap benefits not seen by actual businesses.

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These companies save money that would normally spend on real estate, overhead, supplies, training, and other in-office necessities. They do not need to go find a prime location or worry about how much electricity costs and so forth; these concerns are no longer one of theirs.

These employees often get to work right from home. With that privilege, there is no need to stress on common everyday work problems such as, traffic during commute, cost of a daily lunch, or even buying nice work attire.

Another positive thing to a virtual company is mostly everything that concerns it, is accessible right from a computer. Employers must give critical tests to feel confident they are hiring the right people. As Boitnott speculates in his article, most people enjoy the concept of telecommuting, only to find out it is not for them.

Unit 8 - Cm College Composition I - Term Paper

Employers should consider hiring people that are familiar with online communication. People who already use Facebook, Skype, and other popular social media programs will be more comfortable transitioning to a virtual job atmosphere.

The employer should make specific instructions to the employee, to ensure things are done correctly and the way they want it. A way to keep new employees on track is to require a specific number of hours they work and to hold them to it Boitnott, Fixing a maximum number of emails one can receives daily and urging workers to shut down their computers when they are finished for the day are just two ways of decreasing stress levels in a worker.

It can be extremely hard on a CEO of a business to run a virtual company alone, so it is easiest to have a team of people each focusing on a certain part of the company.

When in doubt, consultants are available for hire; and by doing so, the same person will advise them all so an employer will know that everyone will be on the same track.Unit 8 Review Complete Reading and Learning Activities. Complete the Quiz.

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Participate in Discussion. Participate in Seminar or complete Alternative Assignment. Complete the Unit 8 Assignment.

CM CM/ CM Unit 2 Assignment (Kaplan) The reality of making it to the top in private equity and hedge funds, as a woman. Reflect on the UNIT 3 PROJECT now that you have completed it.

What did you learn about the WRITING PROCESS? What did you learn about yourself and your writing strengths and weaknesses?

What is the NEXT step in your journey? Cm Professor Butler Sofia Roman November 10, Unit 8 Seminar notes In this seminar it opened up with an overview of the discussion board. We posted our rough draft in the discussion board.

Cm107 unit 8 summary notes seminar

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