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Published on January 04, Doritos In earlyAndrew Robinson pitched a radical idea to the Doritos marketing team in a conference room at Frito-Lay's headquarters in Plano, Texas: What if the brand held a contest to give consumers -- not professional ad agencies -- a crack at creating a Super Bowl ad? The idea felt risky, new and different, recalled Mr.

Doritos marketing

Posted in Products, Total Reads: Let us start the Doritos Marketing Mix: Doritos is a tortilla chips brand which is widely popular across the world. It was the first tortilla chip to be introduced in USA in This resulted in ease in consumption and reduction in scraps during manufacture.

The major products in its marketing mix are Chips and dips. These tortilla chips are available in variety of tempting flavors; BBQ and Chili, Chipotle cream and chili, Sizzling salsa, tangy cheese, cool original. The dips offered are Nacho cheese, cool sour-cream and anchovies, hot salsa and mild salsa.

Intrans fat was eliminated from the Doritos composition. The main ingredients of Doritos chips are ground corn, salt and vegetable oil.

Other spices and condiments vary as per the individual flavor. Intermittently it also released special version flavors for short time like Sour cream and onion, sesame, pizza flavor. Ready to consume snacks is a huge market bursting with competition.

Hence Doritos has adopted the competitive pricing strategy in its marketing mix to penetrate the market and attract customers. The emphasis is on keeping the price reasonable and affordable.

As mentioned earlier, Doritos is available in many places boosting sales and increasing the revenue. In Indian market two flavors; Sweet chili and Nacho cheese flavors are available in Indian market. The price may vary slightly as per individual seller, especially through online mode.

There are many new entrants with the similar products Parle Mexitos in the market. To compete with them the brand has to keep the pricing ini similar range.

Doritos was introduced as a snack item in Disney land. It has since proliferated and reached other parts of the world.

Doritos marketing

Doritos are available in over 55 countries all over the globe in range of flavors. For South-West and West market they introduced specially prepared taco flavor spicy version to cater to the consumer palate.

The products are available at many convenient locations in large format retail chains, neighborhood grocery store as well as online avenues like Bigbasket IndiaAmazon Grocery.

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In India it is predominantly present in urban market. Doritos falls under the umbrella of Frito-lay, a giant in the ready to eat snacks. Most of the promotion of Doritos is focused on digital rather than conventional to attract the millennial population.

It has presence in other social media sites; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Appealing merchandise like X-box game console are offered through these promotions for urging the Dorito consumption.

The flavor was not known. The consumer was requested to identify and name the flavor. This gives an insight on Doritos marketing mix. Doritos is one of the dominant ready to eat snack item in global market and has maintained its position through many innovative promotional campaign and research based on customer satisfaction.

The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories.Doritos Company Overview PepsiCo’s mission statement states, “Our mission is to be the world's premier consumer Products Company focused on convenient foods and beverages.

Transcript of Doritos Marketing Campaign OBJECTIVE Stimulate action OBJECTIVE Stimulate Action Marketing Management Toreva Packard, Jon Dahlin, Mark Taylor, Aros Mackey, James Jones, Sara Wormell International Influence Remind customers about the brand and stimulate them to action, in order to increase the frequency of return customer purchases.

Frito-Lay Chief Marketing Officer, Ann Mukherjee, outlines some lessons from the Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl” campaign and from going all .

When Doritos first targeted millennials with Crash in for the Super Bowl, the media landscape was much different. According to Frito-Lay marketing vp Jeannie Cho, Bold 50 will allow customers to "put their personal stamp on the brand," which also happens to be turning 50 this year.

Playing on Doritos’ “For the Bold” tagline, most of this year’s finalists focus on just how desirable Doritos are—bold, but not dangerous.

In one particularly odd ad, Doritos make a fish jump out of a pond to steal the bag of chips right under the nose of a fisherman. In another, “Doritos!” is a baby’s first word.

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