Forever living business presentation youtube

November 12, The audience laughed and learned as Dr. Using a fun activity, Dr.

Forever living business presentation youtube

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Online people become super famous but also lose that success instantly forever living business presentation youtube there is no hiding place from viral trends that condemn them.

Alex Day was one of the first big UK vloggers whose rise and fall has been told on this blog two and a half years ago. He has admitted some of the early accusations are true — though not the ones of sexual assault- and in the book describes sitting in his house for days waiting to the police to call.

But they never did.

forever living business presentation youtube

Was his behaviour OK? In the book he lists subsequent accusations from women or girls he never even met. They are still believed whatever they say.

It all starts off breezily enough. Slowly the media they thought was their own expands and becomes absorbed by the wider media. It reached number 4 making him the highest charting unsigned artist in history to that point. The scenario is intensely collaborative- there is a dazzling retinue of names who worked with him and it feels like all these people knew each other.

Even in retrospect Day does not colour these friendships with the bitterness you might expect and you can tell how the creative whirlpool sucked them all in deeper and deeper.

One somewhat surprising revelation from the book is the involvement of pop impresario Jonathan King, himself the subject of accusations, who seems to become a sort of advisor. Disingenuous perhaps but maybe that modesty explains how he managed to start juggling the affections of more than one woman at a time.

YouTube demands a youthful vigour from its performers which is why nowadays there are people turning 30 still wearing colourful clothes and playing with balloons. The book is drawn out in parts because the minutiae of making videos and meeting various friends is not especially gripping yet you get a sense of how the people at the epicentre of it changed from, as Day himself suggests, wanting to bring others into the fold to becoming competitors.

forever living business presentation youtube

All the way along in the background YouTube is becoming more like a conventional business. His mistake- which he admits- was to initially try and ignore it without grasping how toxic his name had become. As he loses followers, book deals, agents and friends, he boldly addresses how he felt then and now.

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Not that all of these other people come off especially well- his former collaborator Charlie McDonnell for example easily caves in to pressure and cuts him off probably mindful of his own career.

Any time he surfaces she is there to try and stop him. The story also mirrors the evolution of YouTube which like everything else that becomes popular online soon develops more business like approaches and with its office, meetings and managers could be any large corporation.

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