How to write a church capital campaign letter

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How to write a church capital campaign letter

Often used when an organization needs to raise funds for new construction, renovation, or for acquiring something costly, a capital campaign can be a challenging enterprise.

First and Foremost, Every Campaign is Based on Two Fundamental Pillars:

Capital campaigns usually run for a specified timeframe and require hard work, impeccable organizational skills, and proficient execution.

They can also a very profitable and a great way to solicit donations for a cause. A direct mail capital campaign letter is a highly effective way to spread the word about your fundraising efforts.

Here are helpful tips about how to write a capital campaign letter. Is it a new community center that will bring more culture to their local community, or a new wing in a hospital that will offer ground-breaking medical care?

how to write a church capital campaign letter

If so, then highlight that in your letter. Think about how your donor will benefit if your project follows through to completion, and make that the focus of your capital campaign letter.

Identify the needs of the local community or the greater population and how your project is aimed at meeting those specific needs. People are more likely to give if they feel that your project will be solving a problem.

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Make a clear and specific request Whether you are looking for volunteers to give their time, businesses to donate goods and supplies, or the general public to donate money make a very specific request of your donors.

Tailor each letter to the individual and clearly state your request with a specific call to action. Also, make it easy for them to give by including clear instructions about the logistics of submitting their donation.

Show gratitude Both in the letter and after the donors have contributed, be sure to thank them with a special gift, a nice letter, or a personal call.

People will be more likely to continue to give or be involved in your program if they feel that their efforts are appreciated.Often we make the mistake of adding other needs of the church, resulting in a letter that misses the real point of your request.

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Stay focused on the capital campaign goals and the specific request you’re making in order to increase positive responses. Tell Stories. People respond to a heart touching story more so than to the facts of the need. So I sat down and, just brainstorming with the staff, came up with this revised letter instead.

And I think this is a true sample of what people mean by “donor-centered.”. Here is a donor-centered appeal letter that’s friendly, casual, heart-felt and even a bit intimate. If you’re planning a capital campaign, here’s probably the single most important piece of advice you’ll get: Spend time each and every day thanking people in a personal way.

Thank them thoroughly for what they’re doing to help. Fundraising Letter – How to write a fund raising letter the right way – How to generate the best response with your capital campaign fund raising letters. Nonprofit Fundraising Relationships – The importance of managing donor relationships in nonprofit fundraising – How to keep your donors engaged for repeat donations.

A professionally facilitated church capital campaign will typically raise between one and three times the church’s current annual income. A capital campaign is an important part of every church’s financial strategy, whether it is looking to raise money to build a church, renovate or to retire debt.

All for the cause of helping you write your own Church fundraising appeals. The first letter is a straight forward sample.

how to write a church capital campaign letter

If you want to have a successful fundraising letter campaign, then the letters need to be completely personal. You need to speak to your readers In your own words!

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