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Lynn business writing

Understand the larger hotel industry trends driving group performance. Meetings are getting bigger — Sinceattendee growth has resulted in every four meeting attendees being joined by a fifth. Meetings themselves, however, have seen somewhat stagnant growth only 5.

For larger chains especially, it means a more competitive climate that lynn business writing group sales. Today, landing meetings requires a more innovative approach to hotel sales and marketing.

Taking those meetings and turning them into repeat business, however, is all about building mutually beneficial relationships with planners.

A great sales strategy incorporates both. High commissions and group acquisition costs are taking a toll on chains. This becomes an issue for larger chains, who usually feature ample meeting space and look to group business as a key revenue driver.

Larger chains, who usually feature ample meeting space, look to group business as a key revenue driver. Optimize hotel sales and marketing by improving group distribution.

lynn business writing

As the focus turns to cost-effective group acquisition, properties are racing to identify and optimize the marketing channels that will prove most effective.

A large lynn business writing of the conversation here is direct booking channels.

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Leading chains are investing to create channels where planners can book meeting and event spaces directly — including IHG, who just launched their own group sourcing and booking platform across their portfolio.

This move makes sense for properties and chains of all sizes because: Hotels can connect directly with planners.

lynn business writing

Hotels are able to build up a network of planners and improve repeat business. Improve visibility by being a part of meetings marketplaces. Accurate floor plans — not every sourcing platform has space for floor plans, but planners find them to be immensely helpful.

Quality photos — Photos that show the possibilities inherent in the space, such as photos of event setups, are key to helping planners visualize their event at your hotel.

Service project reflection paper Marketing In April I decided to write an ebook, mostly as an experiment. It was completely uncharted territory for me.
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Set your space apart. What are the differentiating details or unique elements that set your space apart?

And more importantly, how can your space help meet the unique objectives of various meeting types. By leveraging the success of past events, hotels prove the success of future events in their meeting spaces. Hotels can create a grab-bag of testimonials to use in marketing by encouraging planners to give feedback both from themselves and attendee surveys after the event.

Convention and Visitors Bureaus CVBs are local non-profits that are generally funded by a portion of hotel room occupancy taxes. They match planners with hotels and venues based on the specific needs of the event, which means any requests for proposals RFPs that come from CVBs are generally more qualified than leads that may come through other sources.


Best of all, these qualified leads come at no cost to the property. Is your hotel specially equipped for corporate events that need multiple breakout spaces? A good CVB will generally be very in tune with the local knowledge economies of their respective cities.

Hotels can leverage this knowledge to strike up beneficial partnerships with local suppliers and align themselves with knowledge assets in their cities to provide more value. After all, the more a venue is tailored to the nuances and goals of a given event, and the better equipped planners are, the more chance an event has of successfully meeting its objectives.

Leading brands are refocusing their marketing accordingly, focusing on showing how they help planners create the ideal experience for attendees. Improve hotel lead management.

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Speed up RFP response. In large part, this is because of automatic lead scoring and RFP response templates that are cutting down on the work it takes to respond. A quick response not only gets a proposal in front of planners before competitors, it also communicates to them that a property prioritizes their business and is likely to communicate well throughout the process.Lynn Gaertner-Johnston - How to punctuate numbered lists and bulleted lists.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston - Ten Tips For Better Business Writing Everyone needs to write intelligently. Ten Simple Tricks To Remembering Names Elements of Great Speech Writing You have to be a diplomat, but it can be great when you succeed.

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Lynn Gaertner-Johnston I'm Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, founder of Syntax Training in Seattle, Washington, and a fan of business writing. Poet Lynn Gentry, who makes about $ per week writing custom verse.

Libby Kane / Business Insider On my way home from the gym the other night, I swiped into . Amy-Lynn has always been a reliable writer, she’s never made a promise on delivery date or amount of words written that she couldn’t keep.

The thing I like best in her writing though, is that you always get the feeling that she’s genuinely interested in the subject, or even an . Posted in Business of writing, Craft of writing, Markets, Psychology of writing, Publishers Tagged Craft of writing, Getting Ideas, Kickstarter, Money, Psychology of writing, Publishers, Put This On, self-publishing, Travis Hanson.

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