Paper orchid

How to Draw an Orchid at age four and three-quarters explanations and teaching notes A story and teaching notes by Dr. Ella and Grandpa were sitting together on the floor next to a low bench.

Paper orchid

Join us on FlickrFacebookand Twitter. How do I make it bloom again? Unlike most of the plants in your house, orchids are epiphytes, which means they grow on trees in nature.

There are some terrestrial orchids that grow on the ground, like the much larger Cattleya species, but most orchids given as gifts are the smaller ones, which are usually epiphytic. But over time, this mixture decomposes and turns into something like dirt. As it does, it holds more water and less air, Paper orchid is bad for the plant.

If the soil mix gets dense and wet enough, the roots will rot. If the roots rot, then the plant can be starved of nutrients. This leads to a confusing situation where the plant looks thirsty raisin-like rhizome, wrinkled leaveswhich makes you want to water more, but in fact the problem has been too much water.

In my experience, this is the number one cause of unhappy household orchids.

Paper orchid

It happens to all of us. The solution is to repot the orchid in fresh media. See that green-tipped root? The brown mass in the middle is entirely old decomposed mix and rotten roots.

So step 1 is to gently remove all the old media. Take your time here.

How to Make Crepe Paper Orchid Flower Bouquet - Fab Art DIY

The worst thing you can do is break off the good roots. You can really tell the healthy roots from the dead ones here. They were yellow and dying anyway, and removing them will make it easier to get the good roots into the new pot.

Now all you have to do is put the clean plant into the new pot and gently pour in the new media. The specifics of what kind of pot and media are up to you. There are a lot of opinions out there, but the only thing that matters is what works for you. Here are the basics. Orchid roots need air, so whatever pot you use, make sure it has plenty of holes in it.

Plastic pots stay wetter, which is good for a thirsty orchid but can lead to rot. Terra cotta pots will dry out faster, but still need lots of holes around the sides.

Dendrobium - Toh Garden: Singapore Orchid Plant & Flower Grower Position the cutter so that the head is over the fattest part of the ridge and cut out the piece.
Who We Are Description[ edit ] High resolution image of orchid Orchids are easily distinguished from other plants, as they share some very evident, shared derived characteristics, or synapomorphies. Stem and roots[ edit ] Germinating seeds of the temperate orchid Anacamptis coriophora.
Other Diagrams on the Web So in the interest of using some of this stuff up, I started a one-woman flower-making factory a couple weeks ago. Which lasted all of an afternoon, but I did manage to use up some paper and make my desk look like a miniature garden.

Different orchids like different mixes. In general, the thicker the root, the bigger you want the chunks to be. Phalaenopsis have thick roots, so they can use a chunky mix. Thinner-rooted orchids do better in a fine mix.

But the most important factor is how you live. If you like to water a lot, use a fast-draining mix of things like bark, stone, Perlite, and charcoal. An orchid in a mix like this will be much less prone to rot, but will need to be watered every day or two.


If you want to only water every couple weeks, pot your orchid in something that holds water like Sphagnum moss. An orchid in damp moss should only be watered every couple weeks when the moss is dry to the touch it should feel like styrofoam. Never, ever plant an orchid in standard houseplant potting soil.

In the right environment, an orchid will thrive clinging to the bark of a tree with no one looking after it. Then leave it alone and let it dry out before watering again. This should inspire the roots to go looking for water and grow into the pot.

Remember only to repot when the orchid does not have a flower stalk forming — the shock can disrupt the bloom cycle.

Paper orchid

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The Paper Orchard

Making Paper Orchids: The How-To. March 25, By radmegan 9 Comments. Last week, I posted some photos of paper orchids And this has got to be the coolest orchid decoration I’ve seen (short of the real thing). Reply. radmegan says. March 25, at am. Hey Elisa B.! Thank you so much!

You must have been exposed to some seriously. It is time for a new paper flower! Let’s make some dendrobium orchid stems using gorgeous metallic papers in shades of purples. You can find these paper over at and I used Violet, Amethyst and Punch all in the text weight. Once you have your paper, you can either use the printable pattern for the orchid stem or the SVG file for your cutting machine.

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Making Paper Orchids: The How-To - Radmegan