Photomosaics robert silvers essay

He went on to create a mosaic for Animation Magazine inwhich was repeated in Wired Magazine Novemberp.

Photomosaics robert silvers essay

When standing closer, you can see that it consists of thousands of other banknotes. In his works, Robert Silvers combines computer technology with photography.

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That is why he considers himself to be both a computer scientist and an artist. By enlarging the mosaic many times, these rectangles form a photograph in itself. So, a photomosaic consists of hundreds or thousands of smaller pictures.

Currently, there are two different techniques for making a photomosaic. The first of these is the simplest method.

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Each rectangle is reduced to one colour. Every possible Photomosaics robert silvers essay that can replace a rectangle is also converted into one colour. Next, each coloured rectangle is replaced by a photograph of the same colour.

Photomosaics robert silvers essay

The second method, however, compares all pixels of each component rectangle with all the similar pixels of all kinds of photographs. Then, the rectangle is replaced by the photograph with the most similar pixels.

DANIELLA SHAFAI The first is trivial: Although trivial, this database is large enough to use when debugging most aspects of your program.
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Project MUSE - A Patriotic Mole: A Living Photograph The old image must be recovered at any cost.

Of course, photomosaics created by this second method are of a better quality, since the original photograph has been left untouched. He was still a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when he devised this technology. He called his creations Photomosaics.

Obviously, the software only takes care of the realisation of his creation. In order to achieve the desired effect, Silvers first carefully selects images on the basis of how they relate to the subject of the mosaic he has in mind.

These images are either clearly related to the subject, or Silvers thinks up a clever witticism. Then, the more than a thousand images are scanned. Next, the right picture is put into its right place within the mosaic by the software.

Each photomosaic is printed on photographic paper and then fixed onto aluminium with a specially lacquered surface for more shine and protection. Man simply has this basic urge to recognise and depict faces.

That is why Silvers finds portraits so fascinating. Besides contemporary personalities such as Bill Gates, he also made photomosaics of historic figures such as Mao or James Dean.

His portrait of Princess Diana, for instance, is entirely made up of different types of flowers. Furthermore, Silvers has created numerous personal interpretations of famous masterpieces from the history of art. These include an image of the Earth from space, a detail of the Statue of Liberty, as well as a pink flamingo.

In its turn, the photomosaic of the Titanic consists of pictures of ships and the underwater world. From the clientele on his list, it is clear that the works of Robert Silvers rank among the absolute best in the world.

Photomosaics robert silvers essay

He designed the biggest photomosaic ever for the Coca-Cola Happiness Flag. It was designed by Brazilian street artist Speto and Argentinian artist Tec.Scott Richards Contemporary Art presents SPRING, a collection of small scale, polychromed steel sculptures by Los Angeles artist, HACER.

The show’s title evokes the bright propects of the season and the artist’s personal journey and rebirth, culminating in the birth of his son.

Evolution of Animated Photomosaics. Authors: Vic Ciesielski: School of Computer Science and Information Technology, RMIT University, GPO Box V, Melbourne Vic , Australia: Marsha Berry: School of Creative Media, RMIT University, Karen Trist.

Robert Silvers combined his love of photography, art and computer graphics to develop a software program called Photomosaics(1). "A photo mosaic is a picture made up of many smaller pictures. The small tile images can be seen up close, but at a distance, an entirely different image can be seen/5(16).

"Harley Davidson" Piece Buffalo games Puzzle: This development, called Photomosaics, is a method of arranging thousands of tiny photographs that when viewed from a .

A Patriotic Mole A Living Photograph Louis Kaplan craze and the pop commodification (e.g., books, posters, and even jigsaw puzzles) of a software program known as Photomosaics designed by Robert Silvers when he was a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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His essay on Arthur Mole is part of a larger project. Robert Silvers lives near Boston, and is president and CEO of Runaway Technology. He has co-authored and published two books on his work: Photomosaics () and Photomosaic Portraits ().

Tangent Contemporary Art specializes in painting, sculpture, and digital media photography by mid-career, and internationally known artists.

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