The eighth juror

Death penalty upheld for N. The triple killing committed by Frank during an armed robbery at the eastern New Orleans restaurant where she once worked security horrified the city and became the nadir of a historically corrupt police department.

The eighth juror

Death penalty upheld for N. The triple killing committed by Frank during an armed robbery at the eastern New Orleans restaurant where she once worked security horrified the city and became the nadir of a historically corrupt police department.

It took the jury a mere 22 minutes to determine her guilt. Sentencing her to death took less than 45 minutes. And 12 years after being sentenced to die, the state Supreme Court again upheld the verdict.

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Kimball and the rest of the majority found her death sentence properly rendered by the courts and the jury. After the jury convicted Frank of three counts of first-degree murder, it returned the next day to preside over the death penalty phase, itself a mini-trial in which almost anything is fair game for prosecutors and defense attorneys.

But Frank had no expert assistance on her side, Calogero noted. Typically, a defense attorney in a capital case hires a "mitigation expert" well-versed in digging through the personal history of the defendant in an attempt to spare her from death row.

Emotions remain raw across New Orleans when it comes to the case of Antoinette Frank. The high-profile case riveted the public as details emerged such as the fact that Frank had scored poorly on an NOPD psychological exam yet still earned a uniform, badge and gun.

Frank knew all her victims. Indicted in AprilFrank had been convicted and sent to death row by mid-September of the same year.

The eighth juror

The prosecutors at the time, Glen Woods and Elizabeth Teel, had plenty of evidence to secure a conviction and a death sentence. Chau Vu, 23, and Quoc Vu, 19, who survived by hiding in a walk-in cooler, provided eloquent testimony at trial.

Woods and Teel took turns shaming Frank during the death penalty phase, assuring the jury that her death by lethal injection would be relatively painless compared to the horror inside the Kim Anh. Dressed in a leather jacket, green blouse, and black jeans, Frank tugged on the glass door.

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She wanted to get in, but the door was locked. Frank had already been to the restaurant twice since her patrol shift ended at 11 p.

Although LaCaze stood just 5-foot-2 and weighed pounds, his mouthful of gold teeth and his attitude frightened Chau. Officer Williams, who ran the security detail and scheduled the other officers, had been working at the restaurant since 9 p.

After Frank had left the second time, Williams warned Chau that she was bad news.

Chau grabbed all the money and stuffed it into the microwave oven. Her older sister, Ha, and year-old brother, Cuong, were cleaning up the kitchen and saw where she hid the cash. As Frank shook the door, Quoc stepped away from the bar and yelled to his sister that the off-duty officer wanted to come in.

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Quoc watched as Frank unlocked the front door. With the money hidden, Chau rushed into the dinning room. Officer Williams stood up. He was just over six feet tall and weighed pounds.

Officer Williams turned and had his back to the door as Rogers LaCaze slipped into the restaurant carrying a 9mm pistol in his hand. In the kitchen, Frank said, "Chau, I need to talk to you. LaCaze fired again, striking Williams in the back of the neck. Frank gave Chau and Quoc one last shove, then turned and raced toward the front.

Chau grabbed her brother and a restaurant employee name Vui, a year-old Vietnamese woman who spoke no English, and ran toward the walk-in cooler farther back in the building. Once inside the cooler, Chau and Quoc peeked through one of the glass doors and caught glimpses of Frank and LaCaze as they ransacked the kitchen.

Seconds later, she stood over the kneeling forms of Ha and Cuong Vu, holding the same 9mm pistol LaCaze had just used to kill Williams. At her feet, the brother and sister held hands.

They prayed and begged her not to kill them.The reporting location of Jury Services is the 3rd floor of the Regional Justice Center at Lewis Ave.

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The eighth juror

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Antoinette Frank was a year-old rookie New Orleans police officer when she and Rogers LaCaze terrorized the family-owned Kim Anh restaurant, shooting dead Officer Ronald Williams, and siblings Ha and Cuong Vu during a robbery. The eighth juror was the one to shed light on this case.

He did so by using two of the three rhetoric styles. Juror eight used Pathos to convince one other jury member by stating that just because he grew up in the slums doesn’t mean the accused did it.

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