Unemployment and ill health correlation health and social care essay

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Unemployment and ill health correlation health and social care essay

N Am J Med Sci. Bourne, Health Research Scientist. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. An extensive review of the literature revealed that no study exists that has examined poverty, not seeking medical care, inflation, self-reported illness, and mortality in Jamaica.

The current study will bridge the gap by providing an investigation of poverty; not seeking medical care; illness; health insurance coverage; inflation and mortality in Jamaica.

Scatter diagrams were used to examine correlations between the particular dependent and independent variables.

For the current study, a number of hypotheses were tested to provide explanation morality in Jamaica. The average percent of Jamaicans not seeking medical care over the last 2 decades was Inthe most Jamaicans who did not seek medical care were Concomitantly, poverty fell by 3.

There is a statistical correlation between not seeking medical care and unemployment; but the association is a non-linear one. The relationship between mortality and unemployment was an unsure one, with there being no clear linear or non-linear correlation. While this study cannot confirm a clear rate of premature mortality, there are some indications that this occurs beyond a certain level of not seeking care for illness.

Not seeking medical care, self-reported illness, poverty, health insurance, mortality, Jamaica Introduction Health medical care-seeking behaviour of people is not only an indicator of their willingness to preserve life but it is crucial to personal, societal and national development.

The cost of ill-health is not only borne by the individual; but the entire society. Health therefore holds a key to social and economic development. Hence, long life must be supported by a healthy individual or population.

It is this interrelationship among health, life expectancy, social and economic development that account for a demand in health care services. Life expectancy is computed from mortality data, and so healthy life expectancy means the delaying of mortality. Mortality statistics provides an insight into morbidity patterns as well as the health of a person or a population.

It also provides a basis upon which we can estimate the burden of premature deaths[ 12 ]; lifestyle practices; and health care-seeking behaviour[ 3 ]. The Caribbean is experiencing health transition which accounts for reduction in fertility and mortality, and the changing pattern of diseases from communicable to non-communicable disease as the leading cause of death[ 24 ].

Of those who sought health care, Interestingly the typologies of diseases were asthma 8. This situation was equally collaborated by Callender[ 10 ] at the 6th International Diabetes and Hypertension Conference, which was held in Jamaica in March When the WHO[ 1 ] argued that some deaths are premature, a part of this answer lies in health care-seeking behaviour; time of treatment; identification of illness; poverty; inaccessibility; unhealthy lifestyle practices; and physical inactivity.

According to WHO[ 1 ], one-half of all chronic diseases occur prematurely in people who are below the age of 70 years compared to one quarter of those younger than 60 years.

Can premature deaths be prevented from happening? Embedded in WHO publication is the relationship between poverty and illness, poverty and chronic diseases and poverty and premature death.

Marmot[ 12 ] explained that income is positively associated with better health, and that poverty means poor nutrition; inadequate physical milieu, and poor water and food supply which account for increased ill-health in this cohort.

Unemployment and ill health correlation health and social care essay

Like Marmot[ 12 ], Sen[ 1314 ] argued that poverty denotes reduced capability as this retard choices; freedom; educational access; proper nutrition; and therefore justifies not only chronic diseases but also employability; health insurance coverage; and medical care-seeking behaviour. Statistics from the Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Statistical Institute of Jamaica[ 5 ] revealed that those below the poverty line sought the least medical care: Concomitantly, the poorest income category had the highest reported illness The poor not only seek less medical care; and this offers some more explanation for their increased probability of contracting chronic illness and other mortality causing morbidities; but they are least likely to purchase health insurance coverage.

Poverty means in measurable terms inaffordability from material and other social resources, which explains the low likeliness to purchase food and other vital non-food items. Instatistics on Jamaica revealed that 2. This finding highlights the reality of the poor; that in order for them to access health care, this is substantially an out of pocket payment or that it has to state funded.

With the probability that they are least likely to find out of pocket money to utilize on health care, premature mortality indeed will be greater for this cohort than other income cohorts. Poverty therefore erodes good health status of a populace and further deepens individual and national poverty while creating a public health concern for the society.Poor Living Conditions and Ill Health Essay - Introduction Over the past quarter century there has been a growing body of support for the importance of understanding the relationship between poor living conditions and ill-health.

1 The Impact of Unemployment on Mental and Physical Health, Access to Health Care and Health Risk Behaviors In article the purpose of the study was to examine the impact of employment status and unemployment duration on perceived health, access to health care, and health risk behaviors.

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN WELLBEING AND HEALTH • The World Health Examples of life circumstance include health, education, work, social relationships, built and natural environments, security, civic engagement and governance, housing and work-life balance. C.L.M., , Mental illness and/or mental health?

Investigating axioms of the. Health promotion programs reduce sick leave, health plan costs, worker compensation, and disability costs by about 25 percent. Employers can institute a variety of strategies—including workplace wellness programs, job safety training, and education initiatives—to keep employees healthy and help their bottom line.

BACKGROUND: Oral cancer is the fifth most common form of cancer in Taiwan in terms of incidence and death rate and results in at least deaths each year. OBJECTIVE: The aims of this study were to assess the postoperative health-related quality of life (QOL) and care needs of oral cancer patients comprehensively and to evaluate the correlation between health-related QOL and care needs.

Unemployment And Ill Health Correlation Health And Social Health care Essay The review of unemployment and health are inter related, if people are unemployed then it would have an adverse influence on their health and similarly when a person unsafe then he might loose on the best opportunities of life because he would not have the ability to.

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