Write a book on kindle

Rather, it is a fictitious name that can become associated with a real person, but cannot be used for legal purpose. Keep this in mind when working with Pen Names in Amazon as Amazon applies certain restrictions on what you can do on the Amazon Platform under the guise of your Pen Name. Many well-known authors have used pseudonyms, whether they are writing in a style or genre that they do not wish to associate with their main work, something that is politically sensitive, and sometimes simply to protect their personal privacy, job or real views from associates and peers.

Write a book on kindle

When you start writing your first draft, just write! Do you think that would make a difference in your results?

Of course it would! There are folks out there writing 10, words a day or more. If they can do it, you can do it too, but you have to focus on being productive and get in the zone. Instead of searching for hyperlinks online to refer readers to the correct website just write link and skip a line.

Then, when you come back to edit the book, you can remember to insert the correct link.

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, easy and free way for authors and publishers to keep control and publish their books worldwide on the Kindle and Kindle reading apps. NEW! You are just a few steps away from publishing your CreateSpace book on Kindle. How to Format an eBook for Kindle. by David Masters 28 May Length: Medium Ask me the easiest way to write and format an ebook, and I'll point you to Then click "Upload book". Amazon will spend several seconds converting your book to the Kindle format. Cross your fingers so that it works! If the upload fails, try it again. Book Size in inches as per the options on Amazon KDP / CreateSpace. If you've not already formatted your book 5" x 8" is good, because that's the aspect ratio the original eBook will be in. If you've not already formatted your book 5" x 8" is good, because that's the aspect ratio the original eBook will be in.

Instead of researching a particular statistic or idea online, just write XXX and skip a line. For example, in one of my business books I was writing about the business failure rate in America.

Do NOT search for them during creative writing. You will work on fixing grammatical errors diligently after the first draft is completed. You can update your usage and use a dictionary or thesaurus during the editing process.

Finishing your first draft is a huge step in the right direction. Most writers never get this far. Feel free to bust out the champagne and celebrate. Then, the next morning your real work starts. Sometimes I may add a word, a sentence, a paragraph or even an entire new chapter.

Even once your book has been published, you can continue to make updates to your book, especially if you are self publishing. At this point, some of my books may be perfectly organized while others may need significant changes to the structure and flow of the book.

If you need to create new chapters, break up text, move passages around or even delete sections of your book, now is the time to do it.

Longer books are not always better. This simplicity principle applies to both fiction and non-fiction. For nonfiction, you want to make sure everything included in your book is helping your reader get the results they want. Including irrelevant stories, facts or information will only make it more likely the reader will put down the book and not get the results they want.

Many nonfiction writers are insecure about how valuable their information really is. Your time is valuable. When you are going through the editing process, always stay focused on making sure the changes you make are best for the reader, not your ego.

You should also read your manuscript out loud at least once. Again, by reading your book in a different way, you activate a different part of your brain and this allows you to see mistakes and potential improvements that you would not have discovered otherwise.

I also recommend listening to the interview with bestselling author Steve Berry on self-editing from The Publishing Profits Podcast show. Getting Feedback on Your Manuscript No matter how great you are at writing, you can always produce better work with a little help and insight from others.

Most authors will give their book manuscript to their wife or family or friends or even a fellow author and have them review it for typos, grammatical errors, fact checking and other recommendations.

You can also ask your friends and followers on social media to read the book and give you feedback.Mine was a Kindle bestseller for example--and I wanted to put that on the cover. But the publisher rightly pointed out that this would piss off B&N, iBooks etc.

About % of the sales of the book have come from these other mediums. Let some time pass. Proofread your ebook. Twice. Try Read Please software. Check each link.

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Consider hiring and editor to check your book. Send the book to beta readers, close friends who are writers, or your writing group.

write a book on kindle

Make changes suggested by them. Package your book. It's time to generate a cover or hire someone to do it for you.

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There are great guides around that go into the mechanics of writing a book for Amazon and the Kindle Store. They cover topics like keyword research, category selection and so on.

Some great posts sit here at L by Lise Cartwright and Tristan King. This entry was posted in Book*Reviews and tagged amazon kindle, amazon kindle publishing, aspiring author, book review, how to write ebooks, make money, program, self-publishing, Stephen King, struggling writer, write ebooks, writers quotes, writing a book, writing amazon kindle book.

Books are client attractors so whether you have your book on Kindle, in print, or available on other retailers, always remember to give readers a classy invitation to visit your website to connect with you and get a free gift.

This post from Lise Cartwright shows you exactly how to launch your first kindle book and make $1, in 30 days with the book. covers the complete process, from niche selection to publishing and promoting the book. If I’d eventually decide to write an ebook, I’ll definitaly use this as a guide!

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