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Sunday, 17 November Best Practices for writing Apex Test classes in Salesforce Here are some best practices that I felt need to be followed while writing test classes in SalesforceDo add your thoughts too All test methods should reside in a separate class from the class in which the method being tested resides. These classes should be appended with the word Test followed by the name of the class being tested, e.

Write a test class in salesforce logo

Well, the edge of using building REST API over web services is that, API enjoys pleasant features of REST architecture which is object mapping which mean that REST reads the data-tables data model for you and supports object mapping, that is actually the process of transforming data in one form and transforming into otherso you once properly authenticated, you can access data through URL.

To declare the rest API, first step is define the endpoints, you can define a class as endpoint, which in other words mean this class is exposed as a web service and can be accessed through a url for the authenticated call. Lets create a connected application on the first step to make an authentication for requester.

Go to Setup and create a new connected application, as shown in picture, for now lets give full access to requester Connected App: Lets define the Apex endpoint, basically the address which we call from the url, for demo the Apex Endpoint here is Oyecode, so lets create a class with the name OyeCodeController and that perform two operations 1.

Create a contacts 2. Pull back the contact, if provided with Id Here is the Apex Endpoint Lets create special class that handle response you receive from API called ResponseHandler, this allow use to drive the information which we want to return back once API is requested.

I am defining ResponseClass with five attributes Now clearly our response class will look like this Once we have structure ready for API response, lets start carving class that use response.

HttpGet Curl Command to generate access token through connected app using command line tool, to generate your curl command check this post On sending the request using curl or hurl you see this response on matching id on other favorite rest client This is how simply you can create a custom API in Salesforce and I recommend reading these post as well for more details.For example, every Salesforce developer that works in an Enterprise level organization or higher will find that more often than not they need to know the record types for a given object.

write a test class in salesforce logo

Therefore, I've created a Record Type utility class that performs the query against the RecordType object based upon a passed object declaration. Feb 25,  · One example is if you need to make a field update to every Account in your organization.

If you have 10, Account records in your org, this is impossible without some way of breaking it up. Jul 14,  · How to write test methods in salesforce by Deepak Kumar Shyoran Test classes is an important part of the development whenever we need to create a package we need to cover at least 75% of our code by unit testing and at leas 1% of triggers.

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Use a consistent naming convention including "Test" and the name of the class being tested (e.g., Test_AccountTrigger) Test classes should use the @isTest annotation; Test methods should craete all data needed for the method and not rely on data currently in the Org.

Use heartoftexashop.com liberally to prove that code behaves as expected. Write unit test for a class Why unit test. Salesforce requires at least 75% code coverage of all the Apex code. So in short, in Salesforce world, you must write unit test. For me, I firmly believe it is a good practice that every org and company should follow.

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