Writing a literature review search strategy templates

This LibGuide will provide some guidance to locate the most relevant information. Types of resources These are examples of resources you may find useful. Click on a resource type for help locating these resources.

Writing a literature review search strategy templates

It is important to know if what you need is actually a systematic review. Consider the following questions before you begin.

writing a literature review search strategy templates

Is your question specific and clearly defined? The University of Warwick has created a helpful methodology template.

Do you have a team to work on the review? Do you have the time that it takes to properly conduct a systematic review?

It is not unusual for this type of review to take months. Do you have a method for discerning bias? Can you afford to have articles in languages other than English translated?

writing a literature review search strategy templates

Your research question, timeline, or resources may be better suited for another type of review. Finding what works in health care: What Is a Systematic Review? The Informationist's Role in the Systematic Review "Work with a librarian or other information specialist trained in performing systematic reviews to plan the search strategy.

Using informationists also correlates with higher quality search strategies: Librarian co-authors correlated with higher quality reported search strategies in general internal medicine systematic reviews.

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J Clin Epid, 68 6 Aug 7, 2:Literature searching explained Develop a search strategy. Show all contents Save your search; A search strategy is an organised structure of key terms used to search a database. The search strategy combines the key concepts of your search question in order to retrieve accurate results.

help make your literature review more . Download the PDF and learn the best way of writing an effective thesis literature review for engaging and impressing the readers. Also, you get a guide on literature review strategies through sample examples.

Why do we write literature reviews? Strategies for writing the literature review Find a focus.

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A literature review, like a term paper, is usually organized around ideas, not the sources themselves as an annotated bibliography would be organized. This means that you will not just simply list your sources and go into detail about each one of.

Appendix 3: Documenting the search process. The search should be described briefly in the methods section of the review. The detailed description can be made available as a web document or as an appendix in a report, where space allows.

search multiple resources, databases & grey literature, such as reports & clinical trials Creating a Search Strategy A well constructed search strategy is the core of your systematic review and will be reported on in the methods section of your paper.

Strategies and Tips for Writing a Literature Review Start with research overviews, review and map references Search for key authors who have contributed to the topic.

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